How to Connect a Porch Roof to House

I will guide you on how to construct an outdoor roof in this post. The first thing to do is to design the design for your roof. Following that, you will make the porch roof frame and then attach it to the structure or home by putting up rafters. You can use any kind of wood to build this structure, however, you should use pressure-treated wood for structures that are exposed to weather and water conditions in the course of time.

Everyone wants to own a house , and put in the effort to attain this dream. A house isn’t just its walls. It is helpful to have spaces that differentiate your home and your house.

Sometimes home is just as much about the spaces outside of those four walls, as it is it is within. The lawn is where you could cook on a grill during the summer months or invite guests over to share a drink at night. A porch is a place to put up a rocking chair or sit with your loved one and chat with your buddies and read a book or just enjoy the temperatures. A porch is usually as important as the home itself.

Steps To Follow

Here are the steps that I took when I realized that it was time to join an outdoor roof to my house. To connect the porch roof to your home Begin with:

  • A support column to provide stability to your porch roof
  • Connect your sill to exterior of the house
  • Set the rafters over the plate of sill
  • Your porch’s roof can be framed
  • Deck the rafters with plywood sheets
  • Choose a roofing material
  • Apply the roofing materials you prefer

If you’ve got the basic woodworking or construction abilities and know-how that are basic, it’s possible to attach a porch roof onto the main top of your home without much difficulty. Let’s dive right in and take a closer look at how you can accomplish this.

Step 1

Before you begin, check that you have a level roof, and the pitch of the roof is in line with the pitch of your home. If there is a discrepancy then adjust them using nails or shims. Also, you can use this moment to examine the slope of your wall.

Once everything is set to go It’s time to begin attaching the things!

Step 2

After you’ve determined how long your patio roof’s rafters Use an chalkline to indicate the exact location they’ll need to cut.

After marking each cut after marking them, cut each rafter on its designated line with the circular saw. You can then hammer in nails to add support the area where the rafter is fixed to the home.

Once each railing is attached securely to a wall or between two walls using nails as well as support boards (or the method you prefer for your specific project) Take an equal amount of level across each from end to end , and adjust as necessary until all are even with each other.

Benefits of the construction of the porch roof

The benefits of building an outdoor roof are numerous.

  • An outdoor roof for your porch is a fantastic method to add an additional space to your house. It can serve numerous uses, from additional storage space to an area that you can sit back and take in the beauty of nature.
  • It doesn’t require specific tools or construction expertise to build one. This project is ideal for novices who would like to explore something new, without spending a fortune on building materials or contractors.

A porch roof isn’t an extremely challenging task.

The construction of a porch roof is not a daunting job. It is essential to follow these steps:

  • Take a plan of your home and draw the lines using the aid of a pencil or pen.
  • Note the exact location of the joists you’ll be putting your roof.
  • The length and width of each joist so that they can be cut in the proper size.
  • Then, cut these bits with the woodcutter machine or hand saw, which works best for you, based upon the work needed and the availability of tools.

How do I connect a roof of a porch to the house

The porch is the area which is built at the last stage of construction in homes as it is the outside of the house. It is essential to put up a brand new porch to match the interior of the home. You can then relax yourself while protecting yourself from wind, rain, sun heat and snow and more.

It’s not a typical job to complete, that’s why we employ workers who understand proper framing as well as the fundamental techniques and methods for attaching a porch roof to a home.

Before building a porch, ensure that you know what kind of porch you would like to build and do you have enough space and the right materials to build the porch.

Local building code

There are now local building codes that govern the building of houses as well as new constructions within the home. It is therefore recommended to get your design and building framework from your local office, so that you can construct your house easily without any issues.

Join the plate to the sill

It’s now time to join the sill plate to the support columns on the porch.

The plate or piece of timber that is used to support the roof should be flush with the top of the columns supporting it.

Construct support column

Supporting columns are one of the most crucial element of any new construction. If you’re building the square-shaped porch, you’ll require two columns.

The columns are positioned from between the floor and the porch’s roof. After you have built the complete frame with concrete nails as well as the L bracket you can fill the frames with items like bricks, siding or any other material that matches your home.

How to Add a Porch Roof to an Existing Roof

How to Add a Porch Roof to an Existing RoofAre you planning to add an outdoor porch to your backyard? It is important to construct the roof of your porch too. If not, you could need to contend with scorching heat or the soaking rain.

If you are planning to add a porch roof, be sure that you first know what the roof’s pitch will appear. The general rule is to choose an inclined roof for their patio to keep water from pooling in the event of rain. This being said you’ll have to gauge the clearance height, too.

After you’ve determined the height of clearance Then, here’s what you must do:

  1. If you are planning to put the new roof on top of the existing roof, you need to consider whether you want to take down the eaves or not. If you are planning to put it on top of the roof, you may bypass this process.
  2. Choose and decide the number of planks for roofing, beams and rafters you’ll need to build your roofing.
  3. If required You can paint your wood pieces with the use of paints that are protective prior to installing them.
  4. If you are planning to put an edging on your roof patio start by working on it before determining the height of your patio. It is important to ensure that it is parallel with the floor.
  5. Install the roof. Beginning with the joist, Rafter, then plansks, beams and the. Think about adding eaves as you build it.
  6. Nowis the time to put on the roofing felt, which will protect the roof’s inside from water and other elements.
  7. Then, the shingles are placed over the underlayment, the outside part of the roof is completed.
  8. The roof’s inner side (the side facing the ceiling) with the plywood, plasterboard or whatever. Paint the area to make it look more attractive.

How to Join Two Roofs Together?

  1. Cleaning the surface. Clean the affected area of any debris, which includes removing the underlayment and shingles that protect the roof. It is not necessary to remove it completely. It should be placed to the distance of about 6 inches away from the edge of each pitch.
  2. The joint’s size should be measured. Be sure you add the edge of 6 inches into the calculation.
  3. Make your flashing joints. After that, based on the dimension you’ve achieved cut the flashing material using metal cutting snips.
  4. Install the flashing material at the junction point. Begin by placing it in the joint’s higher point first. Make sure you slip the flashing material onto the roof pitch too.
  5. Bend the joint using the aid of lumber in order to get the right shape with the slope. Remove the lumber once you’ve completed making the bend.
  6. The flashing edges are then sealed. Make two pieces of 1×1-inch lumber and cut it to long length of the flashing. Then, slide each lumber piece underneath the roof pitch so that it is aligned perfectly with the edge of the roof. Apply a thin layer of sealant material on the bottom and top of the piece.
  7. Then Secure the flashing using screws made of metal with a 6-inch gap between the screws.
  8. Cut the edge of the flashing neatly. After that cover the flashing with shingles that are similar to the shingles around it.How to Join Two Roofs Together?


The step-by-step guide we provide here is only one of the options. It is important to understand that there are a variety of options that can be used to build a new roof to cover an outdoor area. It is true that each one of these methods employs different methods and may have a different degree of difficulty.

How do you feel of the eight steps we’ve shared previously? Do you think that they are comprehensive and easy enough to provide the answer on how to build an outdoor roof on top of an existing roofing structure? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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