How To Curve Text In Design Space

I receive lots of inquiries about how to bend text within Cricut. Therefore, I’ll give you two ways I’ve discovered to achieve it. Curving text lets, you create even more unique words using Cricut. Cricut software.

I’ll explain how you could curve text and the brand new curve tool available in Cricut Design Space. Curving text using the Cricut application on an iPad or smartphone is identical to the traditional method but can’t curve. It’s a bummer! No, I’m bummed!

Cricut is constantly updating its design tools and improving them every day, so it will be a good idea to add the curve feature should not be too long away!

This article concludes the series I’ve written on how to utilize Fonts within Design Space. Restart from the beginning to ensure that you don’t forget any information. Today, I will talk about how to use Design Space to curvature text.


Curving text can create the perfect design element. You can add a word that is arched across an image. Make a name curving underneath. Create the logo in a circle with the company’s Name and date.

I’ve a few suggestions for getting the best results when working with curve letters.


CURVE WORDS IN DESIGN SPACEThis tool provides room to create a shape for the text line. It can use to curve upwards or down.

Note: Curving text within Design Space must do with a laptop or computer. It is to note that the Apple and Android apps do not support the curve tool as of yet.

Choose the line of text (text blocks with multiple lines cannot be curved, there is only one line.) If a line of text must remove from groups, then click on the “advanced” button and click “ungroup to lines.” Each section of the text could be individually curved.

Use the Curve tool. Shifting the slider left will bring both ends of the text line curve downwards. If you move it left, the center makes the ends Curve upwards. You can also type a number inside the bar to make two lines of similar curvature.

In this tutorial, we’ll go through step-by-step instructions on how to utilize this tool. So, let’s get started right away!

Enter the Text

Select the text tool, right on the left, and type in the text you wish to input. Choose a font and style of font, and if you wish, you may alter the spacing of letters.

If you’ll have to curve over more than one text line, entering each line into a separate text box is essential. Toy may also circumvent this issue is to utilize the “Ungroup to Lines” feature “Ungroup to Lines” feature to split the lines.

Activate the Curve Tool

Select the tool Curve, and the slider will display alongside a tiny input box where you can enter the curvature’s size. Slide it until your text is curled in the desired direction.

Moving the slider left causes the text to curvature upwards, while moving to the right causes the text to curvature downwards. Alternately, you can put a number into the text field that specifies your text’s specific curve diameter.

Be aware that there are limits regarding the diameter, maximum and minimum amount based on the length and size of your content. For fonts with smaller sizes and shorter lines, longer diameters could be utilized.

When you’re trying to create more than one text line and wish for each one to have the same curvature, enter the same diameter value. You may also curvature text in the reverse direction by adding the (+) symbol before the diameter number.

Tips and Tricks

We are providing some guidelines you should be aware of in case you decide to use the Curve tool within Cricut the Design Space

  • Applying the Curve tool is impossible when multiple lines within the same text box exist. It is necessary to ungroup them first.
  • If you’re using Design Space for iOS, viewing this project from your smartphone or tablet may not be easy if it includes curved text. The Curve tool isn’t present on Design Space for iOS. iOS Version of Design Space
  • For Android devices, applications that have curved text will appear normally. If you do try to modify the curved elements, they could reset.
  • After you have curled the necessary line of text, you can still modify them, provided they were not flattened or welded. You can change text, spacing, or even the font
  • The words separated in paragraphs of text into separate alphabets and then rearranged won’t allow you to continue using the Curve. It is better to alter the spacing between letters after curved the text.

Things To Remember

  • Text curved can be edited until it is flattened or weldable. You can adjust the spacing of your letters, rotate or edit the text and alter the font’s style and type when curving the text.
  • The curve tool cannot enable if multiple lines of text are within one text field. Add separate Text boxes to each line, or utilize”Ungroup to Lines” or the “Ungroup to Lines” tool to split your text lines into separate text boxes. Curve each line individually.
  • Projects that contain curving text are not currently accessible on iOS. The project can open if your text is welded, cut, or separated to function as an image instead of a text box.
  • When using Android devices, apps that contain curved text will be displayed; however, attempts to edit the text with curved lines will not work.

Final Words

This was a brief overview of how you can utilize the Curve tool in Cricut Design Space to curve the text on your designs. It’s not difficult and should take only two minutes to accomplish.

You can also insert the shape of a circle and use it as a template to bend in the form of text. You can do this by rotating the letters separately. This approach takes longer and requires more effort, however.

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