How To Make Money As A Graphic Designer

If you’re an experienced graphic artist or want to become one, you need to know that there’s more than one method to earn money online.

This article will provide suggestions about how you can earn money as a graphic designer.

The first position I had was within the field of graphic design. I was the chief graphic designer for an agency for advertising.

I loved making things and designing graphics. After a few months, I left the position because I did not enjoy working for that agency.

At the time, I didn’t know that you could earn money on the internet. If I had the understanding I now have, I would have made cash to feed the family and myself.

We’re sharing these suggestions and ideas to ensure that you don’t follow the same path I did. Take a look at all the suggestions below and start working!

Methods for Making Money Off the Sale of Digital Products

The Comic Book And Its Accompanying Graphic Novel

The comic book industry is worth many billions of dollars. 
Last month saw the publication of 1194 brand new comic books in addition to 391 brand new graphic novels, as reported by Wired. 
It is reasonable for us to suppose that individuals have an interest in, and, what is more important, willingness to pay for, this type of labor.
You have the opportunity to seize 85% of the market if you offer digital comics online where they can be downloaded. 
In addition, if you offer comics as digital items, you may be able to sidestep the challenges that are encountered by traditional publishers, such as the requirement to cover the costs of physical storefronts and the challenge of convincing buyers to pay shipping rates for online orders.

How to create income WITHOUT the need for degree in graphic design!

Pages de coloring books that can be printed

Coloring books geared toward design can provide you with platform from which to showcase the full range of your design abilities.
Coloring is fun for both children and adults of all ages. 
On the other hand, significant number of people in today’s society would rather purchase books from independent authors and publishers than from major publishing houses. 
It is not common practice for their sales data to be broken down in depth. 
It is well-
known fact, however, that approximately sixty percent of books purchased by hobbyists today are distributed by independent self-publishers.
What I’m trying to say is:
Small-scale sellers are frequently seen purchasing various items, including coloring books. 
New vendors should jump at the chance to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity, as established companies do not control marketplaces and it is simpler to penetrate them. 
Coloring books in digital format, including pages that can be printed out, are an ideal product for independent artists to sell.

Icons and Other Website Components

In world where there are more than 200 million active websites, owners of modern businesses have to find way to set themselves out from the crowd. 
Creating unique web icons and personalized pictures that assist in conveying their message is one way for businesses to exhibit their originality and differentiate themselves from competitors.

According to 99designs, one of the most prominent trends in website design at the moment is the utilization of personalized graphics. 
In addition, as more and more information is uploaded to the internet, there is likely to be an increase in the need for individualized website designs, which is also growing trend. 
As result of this, graphic artists who want to increase their revenue with digital art should consider the possibility of selling images and icons over the internet.


According to Monotype, an American company whose core product is typefaces, there is considerable increase in the demand for creative fonts. 
The revenue of the company increased by 16% from the previous year, reaching $235.8 million in the most recent fiscal year.
The increasing demand can be attributed to the fact that fonts are not only an essential part of user experience (UX), but they are also an essential part of branding. 
If independent graphic artists do decide to take part in the project, it might be quite beneficial for them to sell their own typefaces, which they have created.

Covers for Instagram Stories that Highlight

In addition to pictures for the feed, the Instagram Highlights Covers are product that is now experiencing lot of popularity. 
Even though it’s minor point, it’s quite essential to have profile that is polished and appealing whenever other people look at it.
Despite the fact that marketers have acknowledged the significance of Instagram Highlights Covers, the possibilities that are now accessible are relatively limited. 
Join the trend now while there is still room for you to stand out from the crowd.

2. Offer classes and services

Freelance on Upwork

It could be a very good option if you possess a broad collection of graphic design talents. However, you’re not interested in selling products. If you’d like to try various gigs (like social media design, illustration, etc. ), Upwork could be an opportunity to earn money.

With thousands of jobs available to suit every skill, Upwork is the world’s largest freelance website. When you sign up, you can search for graphic design jobs using their search feature. It is easy to find suitable jobs faster than you could by matching you with opportunities requiring graphic designers.

Branding for business

In recent years, branding for businesses has seen massive popularity. Since startups and entrepreneurs do not always have in-house graphic designers, they require someone with talent and vision to help develop strong branding.

From business cards to logos creating the essential elements of a brand’s identity can be a great opportunity to use your talents and earn a profit. Not only will you be able to build an outstanding portfolio, but it will provide you with similar opportunities in the future.

Help students learn graphic design

The popularity of online tutoring may be attributed to the growing desire to learn new skills and the convenience at home. students would sign up for classes in their area and then attempt to coordinate their lives to the course schedule.

Since online learning is accessible to everyone, students don’t have to deal with time slots. They can learn at their speed. If you’re a skilled graphic designer, you can try offering online courses through platforms for learning like Udemy, Teachable, or Skillshare. Your customers will surely be delighted to study with them on their own time.

3. Sell physical goods


Selling products has rapidly become a sought-after way to earn money. The reason for this is how promising the idea appears to entrepreneurs. While many business owners will not be able to sell their merchandise, nearly everybody has thought about the idea. Maybe you should, too?

4. Produce Content To Earn Paid

Create a blog that is monetized

Blogging is the oldest ways to earn cash online. It’s also very simple to start a blog. All you require is an online website, theme, and domain. You can, for instance, start a personal blog on graphic design. You can post techniques, tips, and experiments, as well as results and also stories.

The secret to success in blogging lies in being constant and active. If you adhere to SEO guidelines and you monetize your design blog, the content you post will be shared and read by thousands of readers. A high-quality blog can eventually result in an ongoing following for a much longer time to come.

Write guest posts for guest writers

Another option to earn income as a graphic designer could be writing guest blog posts. In comparison, it’s not as lucrative as the other ideas described in this article, but it’s still a viable side hustle.

If you’re already blogging, you could also write guest posts or freelance writing related to graphic design. There is a myriad of guest post opportunities that are paid available. All you have to do is search for them. 


Upload your images, photos, designs, or images on Stock websites. These sites sell the artwork/images to others to use in innovative projects!

Then you get a share of the earnings. The process continues running without you needing to take any action. The more you add, the greater money you can potentially earn.

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