Responsive Website Design

No longer are websites accessed from a desktop or laptop alone. More and more people are accessing the web on the go through their mobile devices. If your website does not show up properly on their smartphones or tablets, there is a good chance that you are going to lose these customers. Why take the risk? Why not ensure that your website’s design adjusts to the screen size and resolution of the different devices. This is where responsive website design enters the picture. OnlyDesign uses its proficiency in responsive web design technology to create sites that adapt themselves to the different devices used by your target audience.

Responsiveness of your designs is a crucial for your branding efforts. You don’t want to lose visitors or prospective clients and therefore a website’s design should effectively render on screens of different sizes and resolutions.

Our own website has been designed keeping the tenets of responsiveness in mind. Its content is displayed optimally on desktops, mobiles and tablets.

Qualities of a Responsive Website:

  • Seamless and Engaging User Experience
  • User friendly web pages
  • SEO Friendly
  • Consistency in UX across all devices irrespective of size and screen resolution
  • Intuitive UI that preempts user action
  • High conversion ratio

Why Responsive Website Design?

Allow us to ask a counter question – Why not? If the technology is available, why not use it to derive business benefit. A responsive website gives you a competitive edge and allows you to reach out to a wider audience. Various studies predict that mobile browsing is going be the preferred method of browsing over the next few years and you want your website’s design to be ready for this change. No longer is a purely desktop website good enough. In order to attract customers, you need to keep pace with and adapt to the changing expectations of your target audience, and that is why Responsive Website Design.

Why OnlyDesign for A Responsive Website?

Open our site on a desktop, then open it on a smartphone and then browse it using a tablet. You will note that its display never falters on any device; it’s immensely navigable across all devices; and what’s more the message is never lost, irrespective of the display size of your device. This proves that we have the expertise and experience needed to create optimally rendering responsive websites.